Our Brand Story

It is a tale of ambition, entrepreneurship, innovation & exemplary quality control.

Milky Mist Dairy Food Private Limited., is based at Chittode near Erode, Tamilnadu. We manufacture and market dairy products under the brand “Milky Mist”, a brand synonymous with premium quality.

Our products have set a benchmark in the dairy industry for our unique and premium quality, word-class packaging, and consumer reach throughout India.

We are a 100% product company and the only dairy in  India to convert all the milk procured into value-added products. We have developed a state-of-the-art dairy plant where 150+ SKUs of ‘Milky Mist’ products are processed across 20 categories.

Milky Mist’s offerings are a testimony of ensuring hygienic and quality standards. From using natural ingredients to giving back to nature with our energy conservation initiatives, Milky Mist moves ahead with a dedicated community of employees.


Our Values

Health & Wellness

The quality management system we have put in place ensures quality and maintains our hygiene standard

Assured Quality - Each Time, Every Time

Focus on quality starts right from the milk procurement level and is maintained all the way until the products reach the consumers. Every batch is subjected to stringent quality checks right from the raw material in-take to the final product. Each and every stage of processing is monitored strictly.


A sample of each product from each batch is analyzed and stored until expiry for observation. On-line quality check is also enhanced with continuous training imparted to people concerned at the shop floor. Quality is very important and thus an in-house laboratory equipped with the best equipment is managed by well-qualified microbiologists and chemists.

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To deliver top quality products is Milky Mist’s utmost priority.

Farmer Welfare & Community Building

Milky Mist has developed a unique, transparent, and robust milk procurement system to procure the best quality raw milk available. The system is comprised of a network of associations with dedicated farmers across the region.


The Journey

The tale begins in the small town of Erode, where a boy named T. Sathish Kumar, of just 16 years, had his mind full of ambition. To realize his dreams he dropped out of school and started helping out with his father’s failing milk business.

Several years in, he gained expertise and his operations were well managed and efficient. The market for Paneer grew and Milky Mist saw its fully automatic state of the art Paneer processing plant come to life, with custom-built technology from Germany. 


Paneer has been the signature offering of Milky Mist, but over the years it has expanded its range. From adding curd and butter to the lineup in 2004 to expanding to a wide range of value-added products in 2010. Milky Mist now manufactures and supplies almost 20 dairy products across India and other countries. The logistics chain is fully owned by Milky Mist to get better control over quality and distribution.

Father started the milk business



Launched the brand "MILKYMIST" and started retail business

Sathish dropped out of school at the age of 15 and joined his father's failing milk business



He decided to produce Paneer and became expert after many trial and errors


Sold paneer to restaurants & hotels and received very positive feedback

Established a successful brand


Realized that he wanted to add more products. Started curd and butter.


Started the providing chillers to retail

Started providing chillers to retail shops. First dairy company in India to do so.



Came up with more range of products like ghee, cheese, yogurt etc. Reached 50 crore turnover.


Launched first TVC for Paneer. Expanded across South India.


Created more range of products including Desserts, Yogurt etc.


Reached 500 crore mark turnover


Started the new plant in Perundurai with fully automated state of the art technologies


The new plant was fully operational, with green sources of energy and 100% water recovery plant.


Pan India expansion and reaching across the globe