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There are a lot of delicious treats that need an extra milky touch-sometimes. It can be a range of Indian sweets made with Khova or a fruit dessert made with smooth Fresh Cream. Luckily, Milky Mist offers food enhancers made with pure milk that give you the right texture and taste for all your food items.


Even your everyday drinks like tea and coffee might need a substitute. Our Dairy Whitener and Skimmed Milk Powder combines the ease of a powdered ingredient with the health and taste of milk. Trust us, your kitchen stock will get complete with these food enhancers from Milky Mist.

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Dairy Whitener

Milky Mist’s Dairy Whitener is the perfect product for your everyday dairy needs. Mix it with your tea or coffee to get that smooth milk powder taste & texture.

Available in

500 g
1 kg

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Milk Powder

Milky Mist’s Skimmed Milk Powder is the perfect low-fat & high protein everyday milk powder for you. This dry milk powder will make all your recipes super delicious.

Available in

1 kg
Skimmed Milk Powder


Available in

200 g
1 kg

While trying your favourite Indian sweet dishes, Milky Mist Khova is a must-have ingredient. It makes the best Indian desserts even better.

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