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Product condensed milk


Condensed milk
Condensed milk
Condensed milk

A delightful culinary secret that transforms ordinary recipes into extraordinary creations. With its velvety texture and sweetness, our sweetened condensed milk adds a touch of magic for your baking and dessert recipes.


  • Due to the condensation of the milk & sugar during the process, it develops a rich creamy texture and a caramelized natural flavor. 

  • The processing includes world-class machinery and high-end automation.

  • Extended shelf life with natural preservatives (sugar).

  • It can be used in making versatile dishes of bakery & desserts.

  • In Indian households, this product brings delight to homemade kheer recipes. 

  • Transforms into caramel-like dulce de leche when heated. 

  • Widely used in global cuisines.

  • Easy to transport and store, ideal for remote areas. 

  • Convenient storage and use without refrigeration until opened.

Sweetened Condenssed Milk

Versatile and long-lasting, our condensed milk adds magic to your kitchen adventures, making every bite an unforgettable experience. 

Embrace the sweet sensation today!

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200 g
400 g

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Condensed milk
Condensed milk


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