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Whether you are looking for the best salted butter or unsalted butter, Milky Mist is the destination for you. The delicious butter can make any dish appetizing.


  • Milky Mist butter is rich in nutrients and beneficial compounds.

  • It comes as salted and unsalted, both adds a creamy taste as a cooking ingredient.

  • It has an excellent flavour carrier for spices, vanilla, and other fat-soluble ingredients, making all your dishes perfect.

  • It is made and packaged under hygienic conditions


Milky Mist butter is widely used in making delicious sweets, toasts, parathas, and as an ingredient in making various culinary recipes and bakery products. Known for its tenderizing and leavening action, butter adds rich flavour, taste, and mouthfeel.


Cooking Butter

Milky Mist unsalted butter is perfect for your cooking needs. It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A and D. Plus, it’s available in three different variants for your convenience.

Available in

100 g
200 g
500 g

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Table Butter

Spread it, toss it or eat it in your own way. Milky Mist salted table butter is the perfect companion to your food. It contains trans fat and sugars & is available in three different variants for your convinience.

Available in

100 g
200 g
500 g

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200g (1).png
1 - 2023-02-17T165853.393 (1).png

Butter Chiplet

Milky Mist Chiplet or pasteurised butter is perfect for situations when you want to give an instant nutritional boost to your food. It can improve your overall food experience.

Available in

Pack of 10
1 kg

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