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Need an instant boost of energy? Milky Mist’s range of ready-to-drink products is just what you need. Whether it's our green apple lassi or vanilla milkshake, there's something to suit everyone's taste.


Worrying about nutrition? Well, our healthy beverages are rich in taste, along with

- Calcium

- Potassium

- Protein

- Healthy gut bacteria  

Now you can go ahead and meet your daily nutrition needs without compromising on taste.

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Fusion Shake

Immerse yourself in a refreshing journey with Milky Mist's Fusion Shake.Enjoy instant refreshment which are naturally delightful, healthy, and satisfying choice anytime, anywhere.

Available in

200 ml

Milk Shakes

Want the best milkshake without any mess? Milky Mist Milkshakes are made just for you. It is the perfect blend of milk protein & fresh nutrients, along with flavours that you will enjoy. Choose from variants like Vanilla Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake & Chocolate Milkshake.

Available in

220 ml

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Milk shake.png

UHT Lassi

Now satisfy your flavoured lassi cravings anytime & anywhere with Milky Mist UHT Lassi. It is safe, hygienic & has a long shelf life. You can enjoy it in variants like Natural, Green Apple, Blueberry & Mango.

Available in

200 ml

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UHT Butter Milk

Make Milky Mist Butter Milk your go-to drink for anytime & anywhere refreshment. This low-fat beverage is best to keep your health in check. It comes with an amazing spiced flavour & a longer shelf life.

Available in

200 ml

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