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An essential ingredient for many nutritious vegetarian dishes. Milky Mist offers soft, creamy & the best Paneer kept fresh in a hygienically packed multilayer thermoforming packaging.

Milky Mist Butter makes for the tastiest spread and cooking ingredient. The smooth and uniform texture uplifts the taste of all your dishes with its dose of freshness.

Enjoy the 12 different variants of irresistibly delicious Milky Mist Cheese. They are the ideal sources of calcium and protein & the high quality cheese ensures the best experience for all your cheesy recipes.

The freshness of Milky Mist’s Curd ensures a dose of fresh nutrients for a healthy tummy and heart. Plus, this tasty curd will leave you in awe. It can be eaten as it is or used as a delicious cooking ingredient.

Milky Mist Ghee is the perfect blend of taste & nutrition. This pure ghee makes for a wholesome ingredient to be used in a variety of dishes.

Milky Mist offers the best Indian dessert delicacies with distinct flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. Indulge in the richness of traditional Indian sweets like Shrikhand, Kalakhand, Payasam, Mishti Doi, Rasgulla,

Enhance the taste of many dishes with Milky From soups to Indian desserts, now enhance the taste of your food with Milky Mist’s range of food enhancers. This includes Milky Mist Khova, Fresh Cream, Dairy

Milky Mist Yogurts are the perfect blend of fruity flavours & nutrients. Pick from eight different flavoured yogurts to make your snack-time more delicious.

Want a probiotic boost filled with creaminess ? Milkymist greek yogurt is the creamy delight of quality and taste that you should not be missing out on! 

Milky Mist UHT milk products are amongst the most versatile offerings in the market. With a long shelf life, you can enjoy a daily dose of nutrition in the form of Milk, Milk Cream, Milkshake, UHT Lassi and Spiced

Want to try out some healthy & delicious beverages? Enjoy the convenience and superior tastes of Milky Mist’s ready to drink offerings. Indulge in the nutritious flavors of Lassi, Milkshakes, and Buttermilk.

A delightful culinary secret that transforms ordinary recipes into extraordinary creations. With its velvety texture and sweetness, our sweetened condensed milk adds a touch of magic for your baking and dessert recipes.

Ice cream is a popular frozen dessert that is enjoyed all over the world.

Still spending hours in the kitchen to cook chapatis? Do it the Asal way to save both your time and energy. Open the Asal Half Cooked Chapati packet, heat the chapatis and serve them hot.

For sudden hunger cravings, Smartchef has brought an all-new range of Frozen Pizza, Paneer Crunchies & Paneer Tikka. This recipes is made from fresh ingredients and lots of  love. A classic dish can be prepared on the tawa or in the oven, in just a few minutes. 

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