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Daily Dose of Nutrition

Milky Mist is dedicated to spreading the daily dose of nutrition - all day, every day. From being the initial ingredient to delivering the finishing touch, we make sure our products add the nutritional value you deserve.

With our range of 150+ products, we’re committed to making India, a healthy India.

Latest Updates

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Ice cream

Scoop into Happiness! Our latest Ice Cream creations are here to delight your taste buds – A frosty adventure awaits!


Capella Chocolate

Introducing Capella, our exceptional assortment of chocolate delights. Immerse yourself in the rich velvety goodness that promises to delight your taste buds with every bite.

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Sweetened Condensed Milk

Introducing our new Sweetened Condensed Milk – your secret ingredient for elevating everyday recipes to extraordinary creations!

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Train Branding

Milky Mist has initiated a unique way of Branding activities to create a positive impact. 

Milkymist Parlour

New  Parlour  Opening

Our new parlour is a delectable destination where you can savor the finest dairy delights and create sweet memories.

Our Ethos

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Assured Quality

To deliver top quality products is Milky Mist’s utmost priority. At every stage of the production process, strict monitoring and quality control are ensured by a specialized team and well-qualified microbiologists and chemists.

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Ethical Processes

Milky Mist has developed a unique, transparent, and robust milk procurement system to procure the best quality raw milk available. The system includes a network of associations with dedicated farmers across the region.

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Green Energy

The best gift we can give the future generations is the green earth. Milky Mist ensures responsible sourcing of energy to power the factories by harnessing solar energy, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 4,340 tons annually.

Recipes & Cooking Videos  

MilkyMist TV

Tune into Milky Mist TV for your daily dose of

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