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Know Your Butter: Understanding types, storage tips, and quality insights

Butter has been a kitchen favourite for centuries, signifying luxury and joy since ancient times. As we delve into culinary history, we find butter's lasting importance, seamlessly becoming a part of everyday cooking. Its legacy lives on, adding flavour to our meals and embodying the essence of good cooking. Let's journey through the humble origins and lasting appeal of butter, exploring its simple pleasures and practical aspects that have turned it into a timeless culinary staple.

Fun fact :
Did you know that butter has been around for 9000 years?

In ancient times, butter was a symbol of wealth and prosperity, reserved for special occasions and feasts. Its rich, indulgent flavour made it a precious commodity, elevating it to a status of luxury and cultural significance.

Types of Butter

Butter, a pure and versatile ingredient, offers various types suited for different uses. From traditional to spreadable varieties, each type adds a unique richness to your culinary experience. Join us as we explore the simplicity and versatility of butter, bringing a world of delicious possibilities to your kitchen.

Traditional Butter

Traditional butter is made through a simple yet timeless process. Whether you are using an old-fashioned jar or a butter churn, the method remains consistent. As you agitate the fat in the milk cream, the fat membranes break open, causing the sticky fat to clump together into a ball of butter. This natural product is crafted by churning cream until it achieves a semi-solid state. The result is a butter that captures the pure essence of cream with a subtle touch of salt. Crafted through traditional methods, this classic variety promises a rich and natural taste, free from additives or artificial elements. It stands as a staple ingredient, elevating the flavour and richness of various dishes.

Spreadable Butter

Spreadable Butter, in contrast, elevates convenience without compromising on purity. Created with a meticulous blend of cream and salt, this variant captures softer layers, enhancing its spreadability. Free from additives, it provides a harmonious balance of traditional flavours with modern ease, making it a versatile choice for various culinary applications.

Dairy Spread

This introduces a fusion of cream, vegetable oils, and additional ingredients, resulting in a spread that combines the beloved buttery taste with enhanced spreadability. This option caters to those seeking a balance between traditional flavours and a smoother texture, offering a unique culinary experience.


Margarine is an imitation butter spread, takes a different approach by predominantly incorporating vegetable oils and various additives. While it mimics the buttery taste, its composition differs significantly, making it a distinct choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional butter.

Clarified butter

It is a kitchen staple, crafted by removing milk solids and water from butter, leaving behind pure butterfat. Making it is a straightforward process: gently heat butter, skim off the foam from the top, and strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. This versatile ingredient is perfect for dipping, creating sauces, and excels in high-heat applications like sautéing, thanks to its elevated smoke point without the milk solids.

Whipped butter

Whipped butter, derived from any butter variety, undergoes a process where air is incorporated, resulting in a lighter and less dense texture. This characteristic makes it not only lower in fat and calories for an equivalent portion but also notably more spreadable. Frequently found in restaurant bread baskets, whipped butter is easily made by using an electric mixer to beat butter along with a small amount of milk or water for a few minutes, achieving a delightful and airy consistency.

Each type of spread has its own characteristics, appealing to diverse preferences and accommodating a range of culinary needs. Whether one favours the timeless simplicity of traditional butter or seeks the enhanced convenience of spreadable butter, these options provide a spectrum of choices in the world of spreads.

How to Store Butter :

Proper butter storage is key to preserving its freshness and flavour. Ensuring your butter remains at its best involves strategic choices and storage options.

  • Tub Storage: Opt for tubs to shield butter from UV light, air, and moisture, preventing loss of quality.

  • Parchment: Ideal for short-term storage, parchment is great for those who frequently replenish their butter.

  • Freezing: Extend the shelf life of your butter by freezing it; salted butter, in particular, can last 8-10 months in the freezer.

Effective Butter Storage Tips :

  • Choose the Right Container: Select a butter bell crock or a covered butter dish for room temperature storage.

  • Avoid Sunlight: Shield your butter from direct sunlight by keeping it covered to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Avoid Aluminium Foil: Steer clear of aluminium foil as it can accelerate fat oxidation, leading to rancid butter.

  • Refrigeration: For long-term use, refrigerate your butter, either in its original packaging or a sealed container.

Milky Mist's Butter Production :

At Milky Mist, our dedication to delivering top-notch butter is evident in our advanced, contamination-free processes. Our cutting-edge technologies, including automated cream separators and centrifuges, meticulously extract the richest cream from farm-fresh milk. The cream undergoes a refined churning process in our butter churners, achieving a perfect blend of texture and flavour. Our commitment to quality involves rigorous testing, ensuring optimal moisture levels and consistency. The final product is expertly packaged using aseptic techniques, preserving its freshness.

Knowing your butter is not just about taste, it's about understanding its types, storing it right, and recognizing signs of spoilage. Milky Mist's commitment to excellence in butter production reflects in every step of our meticulous process, ensuring you enjoy the purest and finest butter at your table. Explore our step by step butter manufacturing process here.

Upgrade your favourite recipes with Milky Mist premium butter! Just click here to place your order, and enjoy the flavour burst delivered right to your doorstep.

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