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Making Nutrition A Nation-Wide Experience

Milky Mist has been providing people with top-quality milk products for over 20 years now. The brand’s journey began in 1985 when Sathish Kumar’s father started his dairy business. However, Milky Mist itself was founded in 1997 with the motto of producing the best paneer in the market.

With years passing on, we added several other products onto our list. The only thing that didn’t change during all this time was the promise of nutrition and quality. For this reason, Milky Mist still stands as one of the most trusted brands in the market.

A few more milestones achieved by Milky Mist include:

Chennai to Kashmir

The Milky Mist supply chain has managed to extend its hands to the heights of Kashmir from the origin city Chennai. Even during this long journey, we have maintained our assurance of quality for all products. Therefore, people of Kashmir can enjoy just as amazing a range of products as everyone else.

Milky Mist Parlour

If you want a complete Milky Mist experience, you can visit our exclusive parlour in Milky Mist factory premises in Perundurai, Erode district. Recently opened, our parlour is the perfect place where you can explore all the products and enjoy the true Milky Mist taste. Plan a day out with friends or family at our parlour.

The Milky Mist Story

What makes Milky Mist different from other brands is that we rely only on high-tech machinery for all production units. It helps us keep up with the quality of products while also introducing new products to match with all customer demands. You can go through our complete range of products, which is available on the website.

While options like paneer have been in our list forever, others like UHT Lassi and Gouda Cheese have just made their entries. But you need not worry about the nutritional factors for either of them. Our experts have carefully prepared these products so that you get nothing less than the best experience.

You can also explore the “About Us” section on the website to know more about Milky Mist’s journey through the years.

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