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How Milky Mist Grew - The Economic Times

No brand is built overnight. It takes a lot of effort & sleepless nights to make a brand like Milky Mist which stands out in the market with its high-quality products & exceptional consumer experience.

Our MD, Mr. Sathish Kumar T, and the entire MMD team have worked exceptionally hard to make us what we are today. We are delighted to announce that our efforts are finally being recognized by the world. One of the examples of this recognition is a recent mention of The Milky Mist Story in The Economic Times edition.

The article mentioned our winning formula to transform consumer behaviour. It included the entire struggle story of the Milky Mist & how Mr. Sathish Kumar T made his dream of dairy business come true through Milky Mist.

Want to read the entire story? Here it is:

We thank everyone who supported Milky Mist through thick and thin. You are the reason we are standing strong today with a big family and a huge nationwide customer base!
Visit our site for more information on our products, or visit to try out our new ranges.

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