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Some Paneer recipes you must try this weekend

There are days when you want to eat something crispy, crunchy along with your tea or coffee. A snack can lighten your mood any day. Whether you are off work or at home, a spicy snack will relieve your stress. Especially during the rainy season and weekends, when the cravings are real. It is normal for everyone, and it can make the occasions special.

Among all the snacks in the country, Paneer as a snack has a huge fan base. There are some easy and quick snacks that you can make with the Paneer. People of any age group would love the variations in the flavour and combinations. No wonder the Indian restaurants have a plethora of paneer delicacies on the menu. It is highly versatile and also a great source of protein. Even people who are on a diet and do regular workouts can take paneer without any guilt.

Panner commonly comes as a snack of tikkas, pakoras, kebabs, and Manchurians. You can even make a platter of snacks in any number of ways. Based on the preference, Paneer can even be roasted, sautéed, grilled, or fried. However, listed below are some unique recipes that you can try out today!

Paneer Spring Rolls

An irresistible snack made by rolling the soft paneer mixture into the patties. You can stuff the ingredients, roll them well, and slowly fry them.


For the stuffing

- Paneer

- Spring Onions

- Chilli garlic sauce

- Cheese

- Salt

For the rolls

- All-purpose flour

- Oil

How to make it?

- To make paneer spring rolls, prepare the filling first. Heat the oil in a pan and saute the spring onions. Now, you can add Paneer, chilli garlic sauce, and salt.

- Cook up to 1 minute, and you can smell the flavours. If you want to make it healthier, you can add as many veggies as you like.

- By adding cheese lastly, you can get a scrumptious filling.

- Now for the rolls, use all-purpose flour and oil and create thin layers of rolls.

- Make them like your roti so that you can cut them in a small rectangle or diamond shape as per your wish.

- Now keep the filling and roll it up tightly starting from where the filling is placed. You can seal the edges with the plain flour-water paste.

- Heat oil separately and fry the rolls on low flame. You can see the rolls become golden brown and that’s when you take them out.

- You can serve this delicious snack with ketchup or mayo to enhance the flavour.

Achaari Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a common and one of the most special appetizers. But, Achari Paneer tikka is a delicious variation that you must try. It is soft, juicy, and the spices leave a memorable flavour. Just as the name suggests, this is prepared by similar tikka marination but additionally coated with the spicy achar (Pickle) of your choice. The uniqueness also lies while it is made on Tava rather than frying.


For Achari Masala

- Red chilies

- Corriander seeds

- Fennel seeds

- Methi seeds

- Cumin Seeds

- Turmeric powder

- Amchoor powder

For tikka

- Paneer cut in medium-sized cubes

- Oil

How to make it?

- Dry roast all the achari masala ingredients in a pan until they bring a spicy fragrant and turn brown

- After 5-10 minutes of cooling, blend them together until a coarse powder is made. Your achar masala is ready.

- However, storing them in airtight containers for a period of one or two months can increase the flavour and spiciness.

- Now, for tikka, mix this powder with oil and very little water. Try using Olive oil to make your tikkas utterly brilliant

- Pre-heat the Tava and brush it with oil. You can use steel skewers or wooden ones to arrange the Paneer.

- On medium heat, they get cooked within 10 minutes. It would help if you kept twisting the sticks to get them evenly cooked.

- Bump the heat for two minutes for every set of tikka to get that smoky flavour.

- Serve this with the lime squeezed on top of it with any mint chutney to treat your tastebuds.

Paneer Anardana Kebab

Paneer Anardana Kebab is a perfect late evening snack during rainy days. Anardana is nothing but pomegranate dried and powdered. The delicacy lies in the crispy anardana coating outside and the soft paneer inside. It is rich in protein and the dish is a blend of both taste and nutrition. It is recommended for people who do regular workouts to try this healthy snack at home.


For Marination

- Paneer

- Ginger Garlic paste

- Red chilli powder

- Chaat masala

- Anardana powder

- Yogurt

- Lemon juice

For Kebab

- Tomato

- Green capsicum

- Chatt masala

How to make it?

- Mix the marinated ingredients with yoghurt and create a smooth texture for paneer. Now put the paneer cubes in the mixture. Coat them well and leave it for fifteen minutes.

- Heat some oil in a tawa and place the cubes carefully without breaking them. Shallow fry until it becomes golden brown and crispy.

- Now, after the paneer is ready, toss capsicums and tomatoes on the same pan. Sautee them for two to three minutes

- You need to place the capsicum and tomatoes on each side of the paneer and pierce it with the toothpick

- Sprinkle chaat masala with very little anardana powder and serve it hot.

These are some exciting recipes that can serve as a replacement for our conventional rolls, kebab, and tikka. Using the best quality Paneer is the key factor to make your dish scrumptious. . It makes a lot of difference. Try Milky Mist Paneer that is soft, succulent, and does not break while you roast or toss them. Add your twist to these recipes and let us know in the comments.
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