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Shrikhand Recipe: Indulge in the sweet and creamy delight

Imagine strolling into a vibrant Indian sweet shop, and you find this dessert, weaving its irresistible charm and offering a burst of incredible flavours. This delectable sweet called Shrikhand is made from thick yogurt, flavoured with the aromatic hints of cardamom and saffron, and sweetened just right. Did you know that the word Shrikhand is derived from the Sanskrit word “shir” meaning “ curd” or “milk” and “khand” meaning “sweet”?

Fulfil your Shrikhand cravings without venturing into sweet stalls now! All thanks to Milky Mist Greek Yogurt, you can indulge in this delightful treat in the comfort of your own space with just a few minutes of preparation. We're here to share an easy Shrikhand recipe with you. Are you excited to give it a shot?


½ cup powdered sugar

¼ tsp cardamom powder

A few saffron strands

Chopped nuts for garnish ( Almonds, Pistachios)

Shrikhand recipe:

  1. Take the Greek yogurt in a mixing bowl.

  2. Add powdered sugar, saffron, and cardamom powder to the yogurt bowl.

  3. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly until you achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.

  4. Garnish with chopped nuts if desired.

  5. Cover and chill it in the refrigerator and enjoy your dessert in no time.

And that’s it! Waste no time, don your apron, assemble your ingredients, and craft this masterpiece in your kitchen. Savour this sweet and creamy delight with your loved ones to create a memorable experience. If time is a constraint, we have got you covered there as well. You can shop our fresh ready-to-eat Shrikhand and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

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