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Dairy Whitener - Your Saviour In All Situations

In today's world, with growing trends and changing lifestyles, people are more inclined towards quick and convenient forms of food. Everything is on-the-go today. Products like dairy whiteners let you sip your favourite cup of tea anytime anywhere.

When milk is converted to dry solids, the water content is eliminated and there is an increase in the overall product shelf life. These dairy whiteners can be stored for an extended period of time without fear of deterioration of quality. Thus, dairy whiteners can be a perfect addition to your cup of tea/coffee.

Uses of dairy whitener

  • It can be used as a milk substitute in making baked goods.

  • Since it can be easily reconstituted, it is preferred for making an on-the-go beverage.

  • It provides a milky, rich, and creamy texture to your tea/coffee.

  • It can be used as a direct milk replacement in many foods.

  • As it provides a stable emulsion, it is preferred over milk powders where there is a possibility of lump formation.

  • Provides better product texture and visual appeal due to its emulsifying properties.

Dairy whiteners have gained popularity these days due to the convenience, mouthfeel, and visual appeal that they impart to your beverage.

Try out some of our top favourite recipes this weekend. Don’t worry if you are running out of milk! You can get your hands on Milky Mist’s skim milk powder and dairy whitener for that extra sugar rush this Easter.
Gift your loved ones nothing but mouth-watering goodness this festive season!

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