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For centuries, most foods were usually consumed within just a few miles of where it was grown or raised. Precisely, how did frozen food come about?

There's a science behind how pizza can be frozen, a strategy known as "flash-freezing," made by Clarence Birdseye in 1924. The people living in the Arctic have saved fish and meats by freezing them in barrels of ocean water for ages. In 1923, Clarence Birdseye looked to utilize this strategy. He needed his family to eat fresh food the entire year. Birdseye put $7 in an electric fan, buckets of brine, and a great deal of ice. With a bit of experimentation, he ultimately figured out how to flash-freeze food items without adjusting their taste. He chose to place them in advantageous packaging and sell his product. Flash-frozen fruits, vegetables, and meats were first offered to general society in 1930. They were sold under the name Birds Eye Frosted Foods®.

Frozen pizza began becoming a thing in the last part of the 1940s, yet it was unrecognizable by current norms. Rather than national brands selling frozen pizza in the store, it was your neighbourhood pizza joint selling an unbaked, frozen pizza. Yet, that was not really palatable due to the ice crystals that formed during freezing. These ice crystals would separate the gluten in the batter and obliterate the cell structure of the toppings. Pre-heating the outside layer turned into a solution for part of the issues, as it helped retain the shape of the pizza, but it actually still didn't taste good enough. All things considered, there's any way a long-standing discussion over who originally attempted to freeze a pizza for more prominent public consumption. In 1950, a man named Joseph Bucci in Philadelphia filed the very first official patent for frozen pizza, named "Method for Making Frozen Pizza." Unfortunately, when it was granted in 1954, different organizations have already been putting frozen pizzas on U.S. grocery shelves.

As with such countless other easy-to-make food like instant rice or canned food, it's not difficult to underestimate frozen pizza. Never really anybody's best option when longing for a pizza, yet consistently dependable and ready-made food. From midnight cheese cravings to those family dinners, Milky Mist Smart Chef frozen pizza will fulfil all your needs. You no longer have to spend long hours in the kitchen to bake your favourite pizza.

Milky Mist's Smart Chef frozen pizza conveys satisfaction with simplicity: Choose the pizza of your choice from your closest grocery store and you are halfway into a slice of cheesy, saucy deliciousness. No more waiting for that batter to rise or a deliveryman to find your home. Just Heat it and Eat it!

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