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Have a nutritiously sweet Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and any celebration is incomplete without some delectable traditional sweets. The deliciousness of Rasgullas, cashew burfi, gulab jamuns, ladoos is unmatched. However, if you are looking to make the recipes healthy this year, here we go!

Can Diwali sweets be eaten without compromising health? Is it possible to make low-calorie sweets and desserts? To answer all your questions, here, we have put together some amazing Indian sweets that you can enjoy without any guilt. Share these healthy, nutritious sweets with your friends, families, and guests.

Gulab Jamun is an all-time favourite Indian delicacy. People of all age groups love to indulge in some Jamun. Whether it is parties or festivals or any special occasion, this sweet plays an important role as part of the dessert menu. You can try them hot or even cold with the combination of ice cream.

This Diwali, you can try Gulab Jamun by tossing the dough balls in a little bit of melted butter or oil. Without frying them, you can slow heat them in the pan to lower the number of calories. Also, one of the other ways is to bake the Jamun balls. It will give you an exciting flavour and works well when you are making them in large quantities. With the proper khova and Gulab Jamun mix, there won’t be any trouble while following this method.

An easy and quick-to-make traditional sweet of Diwali. Using hung curd, all the whey is removed from the Yoghurt and this all-time favourite dessert is made. However, this sweet is often highly criticized for containing high fat. We have found an alternative to this.

By soaking some chia seeds in milk overnight you can remove all the cholesterol from the milk. You can filter them in the morning and use it for making low-fat Shrikhand. You can add fruit slices to enhance the taste and at the same time, make it more nutritious.

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi is one of the most famous Bengali sweets made out of Yoghurt. It is made in a traditional clay or earthen pot. The moisture in the porous walls of the pot thickens the Yoghurt. At the right temperature, it becomes a delicious dessert. Here, instead of sugar, you can add jaggery to make Mishti Doi unique and healthy. For this festivity, include Mishti Doi in your “Must-try” list. It is a great delight and especially the kids will love it.


A simple and traditional south Indian delight. You might have tasted a variety of Payasam. Starting from seviyan to carrot, you can make payasam with different ingredients. However, to make this festive dining more interesting, try making Oats payasam. You can make this by using milk and oats with the jaggery or country sugar. Fry the Oats in the pan with a small portion of ghee or butter until it becomes brown. Then add milk and jaggery to it while you keep stirring. Until it thickens, keep it in low flame only. With some frequent stirring, your oats payasam is ready. With some quality milk, this will turn out to be a scrumptious dessert.


No festival is complete without Barfis. In fact, in most households, it is a pre-festival sweet as they are easy to make and there is no need for an occasion to enjoy this dessert. This is a season we have been continuously hearing about building immunity. To begin with, you can make barfi an immunity booster by swapping the regular ingredients with some organic ingredients. Take nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, and soak them overnight. Strain and blend them in a mixer with one glass of warm milk. In proper consistency, you can fry the mixture on a slow flame. By stirring the mix, the consistency is maintained and your Immunity Barfi is ready.

What’s common?

These are some of the traditional milk-based recipes that you can try at your home. We have a variety of sweets in India, but have you ever wondered what is common among them all? The main ingredient always involves dairy products. It can be milk itself or Khova, butter, ghee, curd, and more. Isn’t that fascinating?

Therefore, it is important that you purchase quality milk and dairy products from Milky Mist. It is a healthy way to begin your festive preparations. You can shop with us online now at Amazon, Grofers, and Big Basket. Or you can visit our website for quick delivery in Kochi & Chennai. Make your desserts in a unique taste and flavour and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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