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Why Is Mozzarella The Best Cheese For Pizza?

May it be a thin crust with lots of veggies or a thick crust with double cheese, who doesn't love stretchy, cheesy gooey goodness on a pizza crust?

A pizza gets its love from the quality of the cheese used in it. Mozzarella is the binding key that keeps the pizza together. Often referred to as the Queen of Mediterranean cuisine, Mozzarella is a semi-soft to firm-textured cheese and has a mild-tasting flavour.

Mozzarella is a soft, white cheese with high moisture content.

Why Mozzarella?

  • Mozzarella is preferred for pizzas due to its unique stringy, stretchy texture that imparts the necessary texture to our pizzas.

  • Mozzarella is characterised by a fresh lactic flavour, however, when it undergoes an ageing process, the flavour is found to get intense.

  • It has an excellent "baking performance," tested before qualifying it for any pizza. So you can get that golden glazed yummilicious triangles to satisfy your cravings!

  • Since we first eat with our eyes, the melting characteristic of Mozzarella determines the entire pizza quality. The limited oil off and golden blistering during baking are some crucial factors that are considered.

  • Lastly, the mild lactic (milky) taste that it imparts blends with the other ingredients giving a wholesome sensory experience to the consumer!

QUICK FACT: Did you know that lightly smoked Mozzarella is known as Scamorze?

Mozzarella (Pizza cheese) Nutritional Information

Here is a nutritional breakdown of the most loved cheese in the world!


288.6 kcal


22.3 g


2.6 g

Total Fat

21 g

It is high in water content and low in fat. With its smooth, pliable texture and unique flavour, it is any pizza's bestie. Mozzarella can also be used in kinds of pasta, salads and sandwiches. So how do you like your perfectly stretchy Milky Mist Mozzarella Pizza Cheese?
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