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Health Benefits Of Butter

After all these years of struggling to eliminate butter from your plates, it is making a strong comeback now with a ceaseless list of benefits. This delicious spread has been in use for more than 1000 years now. Butter undoubtedly can be an addition to your healthy diet routine if consumed in moderation. Apart from having umpteen health benefits, it turns any food into luxury with its yummy taste and texture.

Now, who would even say a NO to a bowl of boring veggies tossed in chunks of butter giving you that irreplaceable mouth feel.

What goes into your daily spoons of butter?

The chunks of butter that you merrily spread over your toasted bread every morning, contains loads of nutrients that you can actually benefit from. One tablespoon of butter (approx 14 g) consists of almost 100 calories with approximately 7 g of total saturated fats, of which monounsaturated fats contribute to 25% and polyunsaturated fats contributing to less than 3%. It also contains vitamins A, E, D, K, B12, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, and Beta carotene.

Not to worry about the fats, because the short-chain fatty acids present in butter are used up to provide instant energy and not stored. This keeps the person satiated for a longer period of time, helping you to stay away from binging all day. That means, if consumed in moderation it can actually help you fight obesity.

Health benefits of butter

● Strengthens the immune system and promotes overall cell growth and repair.

● Protects against calcification of joints.

● Promotes adrenal health and thyroid as it contains iodine.

● Is a powerful antioxidant

● Rich source of Vitamin A and other fat-soluble vitamins.

● Contains CLA which is a potent anticancer agent.

● Rich source of the vital mineral Selenium.

● Much needed for growing children as it promotes the functioning of the gut, heart, and nervous systems.

So, after all this goodness, what are you still waiting for?

Go ahead and grab your favourite Milky Mist butter available in salted and unsalted variants. Feeling lazy to walk to the store? Don’t you worry! We bring you the supermarket grocery shopping experience at home. Visit our website to order online and enjoy your popcorn, glazed with our premium butter and make your valentine’s movie night more special!
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