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Interesting Facts You Must Know About Skimmed Milk!

You must have come across your favourite store racks jammed with various milk pouches/packs that are named differently. You will find packs that read - full cream milk, toned milk, double toned milk, and skimmed milk. The last one is in the limelight these days, as it is considered ideal by the calorie-conscious.

Are you someone who is not so fond of the creamy taste of milk? Or are you planning to scale down and rein your calorie intake without having to compromise on your daily nutrient supplement? If yes, then consider including skimmed milk in your daily diet.

Skimmed milk is a nutrient-dense, low-fat version of whole milk. By centrifugal separation, all/most of the fat molecules are separated from whole milk, leaving behind a lower fat or almost a ‘fat-free’ version of it. Skimmed milk contains less than 0.5 percentage of fat compared to the 3.25 percentage present in whole milk.

A few features of skimmed milk you should know are:

It is a rich source of calcium. Consider taking 11 servings of spinach every day. No? Need a better option? Simply take one whole glass of skimmed milk instead, both contain the same amounts of calcium.

Skimmed milk is not as creamy as whole milk. It appears thinner in consistency and feels light on your tummy as well.

Skimmed milk is believed to contain more protein than whole milk.

It contains 18 amino acids, including all 9 of the essential amino acids, which contribute to your muscle development and repair.

It also contains high levels of potassium, which contributes to the muscle and nerve function of the body.

Skimmed milk is fortified with vitamins like A and D during the fat removal process, thus, embracing its nutrient profuseness.

It is lower in cholesterol, hence, poses a lower risk for obesity.

It contains no added ingredients. Since the process involves only physical separation of constituents that mainly employs gravity, there are no chemicals involved as well.

If you want to augment your calcium intake but cannot afford additional calories, try our special range UHT processed skimmed milk tetra packs, designed especially for better longevity and convenience. Just chop in some fruits and blend along to enjoy low-fat smoothies. Plus, try adding some flax seeds and yoghurt for that extra punch to kick-start your day!

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