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5 benefits of having milk with oats for daily breakfast

A healthy breakfast is the best way to kick-start your day. Nutritionists recommend a complete and wholesome breakfast with a good amount of calories to keep you active throughout the day. Here is a quick and simple yet nutritious breakfast, filled with the goodness of fiber. Yes, it’s oatmeal! You can either keep your oatmeal simple by adding just milk (Remember to check out our wide range of dairy products from Milky mist website) or you can add a topping of your choice from cut-fruits to chocolate syrup to nuts. While you start dreaming about creating your customized oatmeal, here are a few health benefits of having milk with oats for breakfast.

1. Oatmeal - A perfect breakfast to include in your diet plans

Confused about choosing a proper breakfast for your diet plan? Here comes the nutritious oatmeal to make your day. Oatmeal contains a very high amount of fibre and protein and less fat and sugars. Adding fibre to your breakfast will give you a tummy-full feeling throughout the morning session. This means you would eventually stop munching on your snacks in between meals. Cooking oats with milk has added benefits. Milk is rich in fats, calcium, and Vitamin D that complements the nutrients in oats. Thus oats cooked in milk have benefits over oats cooked in water.

  • Milk has fats, calcium, and Vitamin D that is normally absent in processed oats.

  • Apart from adding a flavour, it also helps in keeping your muscles and bones healthy.

2. Helps you combat the “Deadly trio”

Diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol form a major part of lifestyle diseases these days with changing food habits. Oatmeal cooked with milk is filled with the goodness of several micronutrients. (P.S: Try to keep sugar away in your oatmeal)

This includes almost all vitamins and minerals that are essential for the normal functioning of the body. Vitamin B complex is present in large amounts in oats. Whereas milk contains Vitamin D. Oatmeal also contains a component called Beta-glucan that can help in reducing cholesterol levels. The components in oatmeal also help in combating blood pressure and Type-2 diabetes.

  • Oatmeal contains antioxidants that can help in maintaining blood pressure.

  • Beta-glucans reduce the overall cholesterol level and reduce the risk of heart problems.

3. Maintaining a healthy digestive system

Beta-glucan is a component that is found in large amounts in oats. This component in the form of a solution or thin paste coats the walls of the digestive system. The good bacteria living within the stomach feeds on this to survive. Milk also contains a lot of beneficial bacteria that can boost the immunity of the body and maintains a healthy digestive system.

  • Beta-glucan helps in the growth of good bacteria.

  • Milk also adds to the population of beneficial bacteria in the stomach.

4. A bowl of oats a day keeps cancer away

Having a bowl of oats for breakfast can help reduce the chances of cancer. Especially those which are caused due to fluctuations in hormone levels like ovarian, breast, and prostate cancer could be controlled by consuming oatmeal. Lignan is the compound in oats that is responsible for these anti-cancerous properties as it maintains a balanced hormone level.

  • Oats contain antioxidants that have the potential to fight cancer.

  • Lignan balances the hormone levels in both men and women.

5. Recommended breakfast for toddlers and pregnant moms

For kids who have just started eating, oats with milk is a wholesome meal. You can add fresh fruits to give your toddlers a lip-smacking flavor. This combination contains all the nutrients that are essential for the normal growth and development of the baby. Not just for babies, for pregnant as well as breastfeeding moms, oatmeal is highly recommended.

  • Wholesome food for growing kids

  • Provides minor nutrients and a very high amount of fibre for pregnant moms.

Apart from this, oatmeal helps in fighting oily skin. With the anti-oxidants present, oatmeal prevents acne and leaves your skin clear. Bid goodbye to all your skin problems with this super-special breakfast. These are just a few of the many benefits that oatmeal offers. You can always increase the nutrient level in your oatmeal by adding fresh fruits or nuts or any topping of your choice. Whatever be the topping you add, have a check on the quality of milk. Milky Mist offers quality dairy products, packed with goodness for your family.

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