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Celebrate Holi With A Twist

There is no Holi without lassi. Lassi is a thirst-quenching creamy beverage loved by everyone! This yogurt-based drink is popular due to its rich consistency and mouthfeel. It is thinner than curd but thicker than Chaach (buttermilk) inconsistency. Would you believe apart from being such a luxurious delicacy, it also contains loads of gut-friendly bacteria and can aid in weight loss as well?

Don’t just feel refreshed this festive season, shed some weight too! Lassi also has so many other nutritional qualities that you can benefit from.

Nutritional benefits of lassi

  • As it is a rich source of protein, it can work as an after-workout drink to maintain muscle mass.

  • It is laden with good bacteria which can help you with the gut and bowel movements.

  • Don’t have a sweet tooth? You can add some spices like cumin powder or pepper to spice up your drink. This can also help a bloated tummy.

  • Lassi also aids in digestion, hence it is going to be your favorite partner in those heavy meal days.

  • Want something to cool your hot sputtering head? Go for that large mug of freshly prepared lassi with some crushed ice and a few mint leaves and your body will thank you later!

  • As it is a product of curd, it carries all the probiotic goodness.

  • Lassi also helps with overall dental and bone health as well.

The Indian traditional drink with a twist

Here is a simple recipe that you can try this Holi which is ‘thoda hatke' from the traditional lassi recipes.



Cocoa powder

Jaggery/ Sugar


  • Add a cup of yogurt to a blender with a teaspoon of cocoa powder.

  • Add some jaggery or sugar as required and blend.

  • Add in some ice cubes and a scoop of your favourite ice cream on top.

  • You can also try adding some freshly made rabdi for creamy topping.

  • Finally, garnish with some nut shavings or diced cherries.

Pro tip: You can add flavoured Milky Mist yogurt for that extra punch of fruity flavour to your lassi.

Celebrate the festival of colours with Milky Mist. Check out our YouTube channel for more recipe videos. Our wide range of products can be your perfect partner during the festive season!

Wishing you a colourful and very happy Holi!


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