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Is Lassi Good for Weight Loss?

Very interestingly known as the ‘Ancient Smoothie’, Lassi is a creamy yogurt-based drink frequently infused with fruits or spices. This traditional Punjabi drink is probably the most indulging and healthy refreshment that can be had at any time of the day. The major constituent of lassi is milk. Meaning it is full of protein, calcium, vitamin D, and B. And as known to us, protein is the most important part of a weight reduction diet. It helps build muscles and the more muscles you have, the less room there is for fat to collect. From salt to sweet, there are numerous varieties of lassi and it tastes the best when embellished with dry leafy foods petals. Generally, it is served chilled in a long glass and combined with different Punjabi delights.

According to modern medicine's point of view, lassi is a fermented food that contains numerous healthy microbes, or probiotics, which reduces bloating and inflammation—two key reasons for weight loss benefits. Here are some more reasons why this beverage is the perfect nutritional partner:

  • The probiotic content in lassi makes it the perfect drink that helps in developing healthy bacteria in the body.

  • It also helps in converting the food into energy and guarantees high energy levels. It even aids in lessening gathered fat, particularly on the stomach.

  • The nutrients and minerals present in lassi are an incredible method to keep up a healthy electrolyte balance in the body.

  • The low-fat curds help in weight loss and is a great way to improve your immunity.

  • The presence of solid protein helps in building muscle mass and furthermore improves bone mineral density.

  • It is a blend of water and curd, which is multiple times more hydrating than any soft drink based drink and can likewise help in relieving diarrhea and other stomach infections

  • It even reduces bad bacteria in the stomach thus fixing several digestion issues. You can easily digest heavy food by consuming lassi with it.

  • Also, it is a great source of lactic acid and vitamin D, which helps in boosting the immune system. This in turn helps in accelerating digestion and ultimately helps in weight reduction..

  • Another interesting fact that lassi is known for is lowering BP and cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Its cooling effect for both: body and the mind are what makes this drink far better than any carbonated drinks that are potentially a risk for your health.

Lassi is that one invigorating beverage that is cherished and savored by numerous individuals across India. Made by churning the curd, lassi is thickened to a cream consistency and afterward finished off for certain extra flavours. Be it mango, blueberry or green apple lassi tastes heavenly with practically all flavours. And the fruity flavours of Milky Mist lassi’s are a delicious treat with an assorted share of nutrients.

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