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Top low-carb smoothies to make your day!

Smoothies are one of those magical drinks that do not fit into your guilt pleasures, rather can keep you full for the rest of the day, providing the required energy to kickstart your mornings. They are loaded with goodness and are really easy to make when you are in a hurry. Above all, they taste absolutely delicious. May it be a sleepover with friends, a social gathering or a damn lazy Sunday, smoothies can be your ultimate go-to. Rather than a mere snack, it can also act like a meal replacement if you choose your ingredients wisely. It is one of the easiest and efficiency ways to power up your mornings.

Here are three super easy, low carb smoothies that will become your ultimate go-to:

1) The fruit smoothie bowl

Fruit smoothies are the ones that grab the most attention. You can go in with any of your favourite fruits, may it be bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, watermelons and the list goes on. You have a wide range to explore each day and never get bored.


  • Add one cup of bananas (or any fruit of your choice) into a blender.

  • Add water or skimmed milk and blend until the desired consistency is reached.

  • You can also toss in a scoop of yoghurt for the extra creaminess.

  • Add some crushed ice to beat the heat!

  • You can serve with some chopped nuts or a chocolate syrup drizzle on top.

Did you know?

The world’s largest smoothie measured 4030 litres and was made in Netherlands!

2) The green smoothie

Fitness freaks have always gone with different versions of the green smoothie. Here is a simple yet efficient recipe for the diet conscious. A serving of this drink easily contributes to about 10 g of your protein intake.


  • Add a whole cup of spinach into your blender.

  • Add a bowl of avocados.

  • Add a scoop of Greek yoghurt and blend blend blend!

(Do not forget to blend your green smoothie well because no one enjoys bits of leaves in their smoothies).

  • Finally, drizzle some honey

  • And there you go! A healthy, filling and a creamy beverage is ready for you to dive into!

Pro tip: Try adding some flax/chia seeds to your smoothies as they are abundant in omega 3 fatty acids. They are also a rich source of antioxidants, fibre and proteins.

3) The oat smoothie

Oat grains can never be a miss when it comes to nutrition. They are one of the healthiest, gluten free, fibre rich grains ever found. Imagine giving your boring bowl of oatmeal a small punch of flavours!


  • Add one cup of soaked oats (you can soak them overnight or even for a couple of hours before using)

  • Add one to two cups of skimmed milk. ( you can also use substitutes like almond milk, soy milk or unsweetened coconut milk)

  • Add one ripe banana. You can also go in with mangoes, strawberries or any other ripe fruit.

  • Add chia seeds and some dates for sweetness.

  • Best when served with ice shavings.

See! Wasn’t that really simple? Just pick up those ingredients lying in your kitchen, whip ‘em up together and get going!

You can also add delicious Milky Mist fruit flavoured yoghurts available in eight exotic variants and come up with new exciting flavour combos! So, put your creative minds at work and get hunting to mix and match the ingredients.
Have a ‘smooothie day' !


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