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Celebrated annually every 22nd of April, this day is observed to remind us to navigate towards sustainable living. In other words, it refers to reducing the negative impact that we pose on the planet by adapting suitable ways and methods of living. It is important to think green every day.

Here are some tips that you can follow to embrace an economically sustainable and ecologically friendly life.

Eat local

You should prefer fresh and natural foods to processed ones. Eating local is a great way to express your support to the blooming entrepreneurs, the farmers, local farmlands, and the small communities. Apart from that, it also has abundant environmental benefits.

The RRR rule

It stands for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Avoid plastics, try to inculcate a minimalist lifestyle and reuse your goods as much as possible. Say yes to more eco-friendly goods. Start with something as basic as getting yourself a cloth shopping bag, a reusable water bottle, or a metal straw. Also, minimize your food wastes by composting, which in turn helps your plants. Make your nutrient-filled soil from your scrap!

Get your garden

This is one of the uncomplicated yet the best ways to help our recovering earth. If you wonder where to start, probably planting some trees should be the first one on your to-do list. It is the easiest yet the most effective way to replace the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Inculcate a habit of planting trees on occasions. You can also gift them for birthdays and anniversaries. Start with some good indoor plants. It can add to the aesthetics and provide you with some clean air to breathe as well.

Watch your power and fuel

Minimize the use of fuel by carpooling, switch to more efficient modes of transportation, and probably try to walk/cycle. Apart from helping the earth, you are also doing a favour to your body. Save some money and invest in a good solar system setup. Or take home some eco-friendly bulbs today!

Also, consider shorter showers and efficient washers. Reducing which can help you combat freshwater resource depletion to a great level.

Do not stop after today!

Yes, keep going! Green living is not as difficult as it seems. Following a minimalist lifestyle and adapting certain regular and progressive changes in a consistent manner, can collectively lead to an unimaginable positive effect.

Milky Mist strives to be the driver of social upliftment and embodies social responsibility in our people’s vision. We, at Milky Mist, ensure responsible sourcing of energy to power the factories by harnessing solar energy, thus, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 4,340 tons annually. As an outcome of our renewable energy practices, 1,99,306 trees are saved every year, and emissions of about 4,340 tons of carbon dioxide are avoided annually. We have also adapted solar energy to power our plants.

Yes! we are doing our bit, what about you?
Join the celebration with Milky Mist and get going green from today!

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