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10 Fun facts about cheese you need to know

We have heard throughout our lives that cheese is something that goofs up your entire diet regime giving you broader waistline and heavier numbers on the scale. But did you know that a single whole cup of milk is used up to produce one thick slice of cheese? That means sooooo much of goodness! Being a great source of Calcium, proteins and fats, cheese is rich in fat soluble vitamins and vital minerals like zinc, phosphorus and riboflavin as well.

So take your chunks of cheese in moderation and enjoy your guilt free diet routine. Do not forget to compliment it with a fitness regime for a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some interesting and bizarre facts about cheese that you would love to know if you are a cheese lover!


  • There are more than 2000 varieties of cheese the planet has ever witnessed. Your entire lifespan will fall short to completely taste all of them!

  • Did you know that the world’s most expensive cheese called the ‘Pule’ is sourced from donkey's milk and its high price is due to the fewer number of female Balkan donkeys that are available for milking!

  • Ever wondered why you aren’t able to give up on that cheesy pizza or lasagna or that double cheese burger no matter how much you try? It is because cheese is addictive. Yes! It contains chemicals that can trigger the receptors in the human brain releasing dopamine which in simple terms is the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemical. This makes you crave for more. So don’t worry! It was never your fault!

  • An average person in Denmark consumes about 28 to 30 kg of cheese every year. Now that’s a whole lot of cheese!

  • Unable to sleep at night? Secretly tiptoe to your kitchen and gobble a slice of cheese. Yes! Certain amino acids present in cheese have been found to reduce stress and keep your anxiety in check. It is also believed to induce sleep. SO, bye bye sleepless nights and hello cheesy dreams!

  • We all must have read in books about cheese made in caves? Would you believe if I say that Roquefort blue cheese is still made inside the caves? Spooky!!

  • Did you know that mice actually aren’t fond of cheese. They prefer carbs and sugars to cheese. Our childhood reality of Tom & Jerry is a question now. Sigh!

  • People say some varieties of cheese have human odor. They are actually not wrong. The Limburger cheese is fermented using a bacterium that is partly responsible for the odor of the human body. (Not something a cheese lover must hear!)

  • Did you know that the most sought after cheese in the world is so dangerous that it could even take your lives away? Some varieties of cheese use unpasteurized milk during the making thus paving way for listeria infections. So next time keep a check on your cheese slice before gulping it down.

  • Ever imagined yourself eating gold? The ‘White Stilton Gold’ cheese contains flecks of edible gold in it. This blue veined cheese is well known for its price as well. Someday in life when you get rich, do not forget to try this one!

  • So those were some interesting fun facts about one of the most loved foods in the planet. Do you know a fun fact as well, share it with us.

Also do not forget to check out some of our cheesy breakfast recipes in the website. Available in the form of chunks, spreads, shreds and slices, we have 12 variants of cheese for you to choose from.
Have a cheesy day!!!
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