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An Ultimate Guide To UHT Processing

Decades ago, people would have mocked you if you told them that highly perishable foodstuffs like milk could stay on your shelves for six to nine months without a refrigerator! Yes! Especially with a product like milk, which has an extremely minimum shelf life, it is more than a challenge to keep it fresh for months together.

This is achieved by a process called ultra-high-temperature processing. In simple terms, milk or milk products are treated in a definite way so as to keep them fresh and edible for longer periods without the need for a chiller.

The science behind UHT

UHT processing is where milk is heated to 135°C–150°C for a few seconds to achieve a commercially sterile and shelf-stable product. The ultra-high-temperature treatment of milk kills the target microorganisms and all other non-pathogenic bacteria that tend to cause spoilage.

In this process, milk passes through heat exchangers, which use water/steam as a conducting medium and flash cooled in a holding tube where the product loses the acquired temperature so that it can be packaged.

Such treated milk can stay fresh for months together unopened. But once opened, it retains freshness until a week and should be consumed within the period.

Why should you go for it?

These are a few pointers that will convince you to go for these UHT treated products.

  • UHT products can be stored, transported and sold at room temperatures.

  • UHT milk tetra packs have a longer shelf life of about six months.

  • UHT milk lasts 3 times longer than HTST processed milk. It is environmentally friendly and safe.

  • These tetra packs have a lower initial bacterial count compared to the milk sachets.

  • UHT treated milk can stay at room temperatures for months together and only require refrigeration once the seal is opened.

  • It can be consumed as such with no boiling required.

  • It can be a great option during this pandemic, as you can avoid timely visits to the grocery.

Hence, UHT products are gaining much popularity due to the safety, quality and convenience they provide.

You can always check out our wide range of UHT processed dairy products ranging from toned, double toned, skimmed milk to UHT processed milk cream packed under hygienic conditions to delight your taste buds. We also offer milkshakes and UHT Lassi in different variants that let you enjoy the exotic fruit flavour blast at any time of the year.
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