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5 ways to have a delicious and cheesy breakfast

Are you a cheese lover? A daydreamer walking down bridges of cheese? If so, this article is especially for you. Even though for the zillionth time, we have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we get bored with the regular breakfast since it becomes monotonous. With these cheese recipes, your breakfast is going to get better.

Cheese is popularly used as fillings and as a dip in India. However, we bring a twist by highlighting some breakfast recipes that you can create with cheese. It is delicious, simple, nutritious, and most importantly- Cheeeesseeyy!

Roasted Tomato Egg Grilled Sandwich

Toasted bread, melted cheese, and creamy spreads can make your breakfast perfect. Now for the grilled sandwich, you need to use mozzarella, so the flavour is balanced. The cheese is added to the tomato spread, while they are cooked on a slow flame. For the egg grill, use the fried eggs but don’t scramble them. Add the necessary spices to make the flavour enjoyable. Now assemble the sandwich with eggs, spread, and cheese in a skillet. Roast in low or medium flame until the cheese melts outside.

Type of Cheese: Mozzarella

Pro-tip: The tomato spread can be easily made and stored in the refrigerator. You can use them whenever necessary.

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Do you like fancy breakfast vibes? Then grilled cheese breakfast is the way to go! Also, it should ideally be your Sunday recipe. This sandwich is salty and sweet and is a treat to your taste buds. Spread your favourite sauce on a slice of bread. Layer it with the veggies or chicken chunks, preferably anything of your choice. Add cheese slices on top of the sandwich. Grill them in a skillet without directly heating the side where the cheese is kept. Serve it with mustard or honey chili sauce and you are good to go.

Type of Cheese: Cheddar

Pro-Tip: You can also use cold bread to make this. However, the filling can be sautéed on a low flame before you make the sandwich. It gives a raw but one-of-kind flavour that you have never tried.

Cheese Potato Scramble

It is no secret that potatoes are a go-to-ingredient. But for breakfast or brunch, you can now make it interesting by adding potatoes to your egg scrambles and cheese. Using some fresh cream and melted cheese, the potatoes are mashed and cooked together. Add the necessary spices and vegetables to make it healthy. Now add this mixture to the scrambled egg—Cook for two minutes by constantly frying them. There you go. Your cheese potato scramble is ready. Serve this along with some hot coffee or lemon tea. Your brunch is done!

Types of Cheese: Mozzarella

Pro-Tip: While mixing the potato cheese mixture, never stop stirring them, since they can be burnt easily. The flavour will be lost, and it can ruin the taste.

Honey Cheese Toast

Here are the simplest recipes on the menu. Honey and cheese go well as a combination. If you have guests at your home for breakfast, give them a continental touch with this recipe. For this toast, we recommend you to go for a loaf of multigrain bread. By mixing oregano and chili flakes with honey, your coating layer is ready. Now brush them on the bread before toasting. You can then add a slice of cheese to this bread. Again, slowly heat them on the skillet while you dress them with the remaining honey mix that you have already made. Have a healthy breakfast.

Type of Cheese: Cheddar

Breakfast Boat

The breakfast boat is prepared with whole bread. It is one of the most recommended ways to eat your cheesy egg. Make this innovative recipe for your breakfast. If you have kids at home, they are going to love this. The filing is made by mixing egg, cheese, basil leaves, corn, and broccoli with fresh cream. You can make it saucy and when you take a bite, it melts in the mouth.

Type of Cheese: Cheddar or Mozzarella

Pro Tip: Don’t try this dish on a day when you are rushing. Since the filling needs some time to be prepared, do it when you are relaxed?

We are sure this is not something you expected. Isn’t it fascinating to try out these amazing recipes at home? Also, when you share pictures of these recipes on Instagram, it reaches an increased audience. All you need is good cheese. And that’s simple when you can have Milky Mist. We produce only quality cheese that has texture and taste. Try these at your home and share the pictures with us in the comment section.


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