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Tips to keep your dairy products fresh this summer

Dairy products come under the list of perishables, which means that they are more susceptible to spoilage and contamination if not handled the right way. Especially in summers when the temperatures rise above our heads, extreme care must be taken while handling dairy. When the required temperature isn't provided, the products will be open to deterioration and end up getting contaminated.

Here are some tidbits that will help to keep your products safe, fresh, and yum!

  • Ghee can be stored at room temperature but make sure to use a clean and dry spoon while handling since a little bit of moisture is sufficient to make it go rancid.

  • Never prefer hot spots of your fridge like the refrigerator doors for storing dairy like cream, butter, milk, etc. This is where the highest temperature fluctuation occurs due to consequent opening and closing. This can lead to the loss of quality and flavours.

  • Shake your bottles of buttermilk and lassi well before consumption as the solids tend to settle at the bottom, and the water tends to separate if placed idle for a longer time. (It's absolutely normal. Science of sedimentation, you know)!

  • Fresh pasteurised milk after utilisation can be refrigerated in a closed container. UHT milk can sit in your refrigerator for a couple of weeks. (Make sure the lid is tightly sealed to avoid uninvited added flavours!)

  • While using scoops of yogurt, curd, or cream cheese, make sure to use a clean and dry spoon.

  • Butter should be refrigerated and wrapped using wax or parchment paper so that it doesn't pick up flavours. (No one prefers a sardine scented butter! isn't it?). So, wrap it all up really well.

  • Hard cheeses can be frozen and used for months. It can last longer especially when the temperature is consistent. Semi-hard cheeses can be stored for weeks whereas fresh cream cheese has to be consumed within 10 days from the day of opening.

  • Another tip for the storage of cheese is that you can grate and freeze your hard cheeses. This way it will make your job easier while thawing.

  • Make sure to immediately shift your dairy products after purchase into a cold chain. Do not leave it for longer in your car. This can lead to contamination and loss of flavours.

  • Since butter is very good at picking up foreign flavours, it should be kept away from highly aromatic food products.

  • Also, always make sure to check the date of manufacture and expiry (best before date) of any food products that you buy and never purchase if the seal seems broken.

Now, we are sure that you know the key to sustaining freshness and the keeping quality of our Milky Mist products after purchase. By maintaining proper conditions of storage, you can enjoy the goodness from the diverse range of dairy products we have to offer. From milk to paneer, cheese, flavoured yogurts, cream, khova and desserts like Shrikhand and Mishti Doi, now you can benefit from our products without worrying about summers and spoilage!
Let's beat the heat with Milky Mist!

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