Top Ten Interesting Facts About Ghee

That aromatic smell that you can sense from miles away and that heavenly taste! Our childhood has been filled with such amazing moments. Just one teaspoon, and it's enough to convert any food to a luscious feast. A recipe has no soul, but an enticing recipe has this ingredient in them. Any guesses? It's "Ghee," of course! Our medicine for digestion, absorption, assimilation, immune system, memory, intelligence... Do we need to go on?

You get the gist. It's an all-rounder. But do you know some of the exciting facts about ghee that make people swear by it? If not, then let's take a look!

How is it made?

Ghee is a clarified butter variant popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. It's created from cow's milk butter that has been cooked at a low temperature until the water evaporates, leaving only the milk solids. Then, if necessary, the solids are skimmed or filtered. Ghee, a clarified liquid fat, is all that's left. Ghee preserves more nutrients than conventional clarified butter since it is cooked at a low temperature, usually under 100 degrees.

In Ayurveda, ghee is utilized in conjunction with herbal therapy. Ghee has recently acquired tremendous popularity owing to its purported spiritual and medical benefits.

Nifty Little Facts About Ghee

1. Ghee is rejuvenating and easily absorbed

Ghee is found to be the purest form of food from ancient times and is believed to be rejuvenating. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTS) found in ghee can be promptly used as energy by your body.

2. Great cooking agent because of its high smoking point