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Dairy products to boost your workout

For years together now, nutritionists have argued the pros and cons of dairy products. People who are into workouts, gyms, routines, and cross-fitness have argued endlessly to set the records right. Should gym-goers consider having dairy products? If so, how much intake is adequate? In this article, we shall discuss the importance of making milk as part of the daily diet.

Why Dairy Products for Workouts Become Debatable?

Dairy products have a viable source of calcium, protein, and essential nutrients that supply energy. It is presumptuous to understand that dairy products are suitable for anybody. However, since milk contains lactose, which may trigger allergies, it causes abdominal bloating. Some dairy products have high saturated fat, which is responsible for increased calories, leading to excessive weight gain.

Hence it is still debatable how milk can attribute to the workout. Well! The following information can help you understand it better.

Effects of Dairy Products on Physical Performance

During Pre-Workout

Milk is highly rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Hence, many people suffer from indigestion when consumed before working out. Therefore, it causes bloating, stomach upset, and diarrhea. According to University College London, the indigestion of dairy products is due to the low secretion of an enzyme called lactase. Hence, there is a general sensitivity towards digesting the lactose sugars.

Thus, it is recommended to take dairy products at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before the workout. It can provide your muscles with energy. Also, muscle contractions become easier. People who work out for more than 90 minutes are suggested to consume milk or any dairy product before the workout.

During Post-Workout

Post-workout may seem very tiring and you need to get the energy to continue the day. Hence to refuel the muscles and repair them sooner, milk products can be taken. The carbohydrates present in them can give instant energy to the body. You can have them immediately after the exercise.

The University of Copenhagen states that milk consumers have a high percentage of fat passing through the stools compared to the non-consumers of dairy products. Hence, people undergoing weight loss programs can take a considerable amount of milk to remove any stagnant fat present in the body.

Which dairy products can boost your workout?


A 2006 study from the University of Texas Medical Branch proves that one cup of milk after a weight workout can boost protein synthesis in the body. This is responsible for muscle growth. However, the statement does not compare itself with any other protein. But the recent use cases have given a theory about milk containing other essential compounds that can be used for boosting muscle growth. It can contribute mainly to your body mass. Therefore people who are taking a muscle training routine must consider drinking milk at least once a day.


Nutritionists recommend yoghurt as a protein-rich dairy product. Every 8 ounces of yoghurt contains 12 grams of proteins. Hence people who are building muscles only through protein can try taking 3 to 8 ounces of protein. If you are a person who is taking whey protein already, then mix a scoop of yoghurt to the powder. You may have to watch for the fat content. Since yoghurt contains helpful bacteria, it can help in treating indigestion. The additional benefits also include improving immunity and lowering cholesterol.

Cottage Cheese

Oh, when we say cottage cheese, we know what you get reminded of! Those pies, salad dressing, and dessert savings that you throw out. But cottage cheese is premature or immature cheese which can help you in your metabolism. They are rich in casein protein. Specifically, it offers slow digestion. Imagine you take a healthy snack bowl with cottage cheese. The proteins absorb the necessary fat slowly. Also, the amino acids present in them boost the amount of glycogen responsible for the growth hormone level. Hence people who are doing the workout for fat reduction can choose cottage cheese in their daily meal. You can have them for a late evening snack or dinner.


Cheese is made through heating, curdling, draining, pressing, stretching, and aging. During this process, the milk gets richer with extra protein. You grate them in small quantities over the side dish. Understand the labels before purchase. If you are purchasing low-fat or fat-free cheeses, you may even use it in your main dishes (only if you can find these cheese types). Otherwise, go for a quality cheese that has mentioned the authentic nutrition chart. You can check Milky Mist cheese products, and their packaging contains all the required information needed. Take less than two ounces of cheese a day only if you are doing a bodybuilding workout. It does not support weight loss training,

Considering India's conditions and circumstances, milk is one of the most unavoidable ingredients of the workout diet. You can always consider taking the dairy products in the suggested ounces depending upon the type of workouts. An easier process is to talk to the nutritionists and understand the recommended protein and fat required for your body.

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