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How Safe Is Your Food?

Did You Know?: More than 600 million people fall ill due to food poisoning every year. Do you know how safe your food is?

Safe food not only contributes to a healthy self but also to a healthy economy, which translates to a healthy future. WHO has mentioned five Calls to Action to focus upon-

1. Ensure it's safe

2. Grow it safe

4. Know what's safe

5. Team up for food safety

Here are some quick tips that you can follow to ensure a safe journey of your food from grocery stores to your table.

  • Make sure you store your ready-to-eat foods and other raw foods like meat, seafood, and poultry according to the temperature conditions mentioned. This can help to avoid bacterial multiplication.

  • Before meal preparation, make sure your hands, kitchen surface, ingredients, and utensils are clean and sanitized.

  • Do not thaw frozen food directly over high flame.

  • Keep your ready-to-eat food away from meat and seafood to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Cook your food to the right temperature. Do not overcook or undercook.

  • Refrigerate your food promptly, especially perishables like dairy. Do not delay the refrigeration of raw/ready-to-eat foods for more than two hours.

  • Know to identify contaminated or spoiled food.

Food safety is every individual's responsibility. It is a shared responsibility between the producers, the government, and individual consumers.

At Milky Mist, we strive towards a qualitative and hygienic approach to ensure that every delicious bite you take is safe and of supreme quality. At every stage of the process, from procurement to production and delivery, strict monitoring of the quality and safety is ensured for all our products.
Remember, if it's not safe, it's not food!


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