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Today’s woman is a hub of multifaceted features. From being available for her family whenever in need to flying high with her aspirations, women wear so many caps a day. As a daughter, a mom, a boss, a wife, a sister, a colleague, an entrepreneur, they never fail to impress the world with their flair.

The role of Calcium is significant in a women’s life. According to WHO, the condition that most women face after their 30's called osteoporosis is the second most vulnerable health issue in the world. Osteoporosis a condition that becomes more common with age is an under-treated disease in our country. Most of our calcium intake falls far below the recommended dietary intake levels (1000 to 1300 mg per day) according to research. As a result, osteoporosis is found to affect about 9 million women in the world.

Here are three tips that you can incorporate right away to improve your bone health:

Enhance your overall lifestyle.

With the entire pandemic situation revolving around, most of us are working from home and that has made our lives sedentary than ever. Try to incorporate a 40-minute walk or a basic cardio routine in your day. Weight-bearing exercises can help improve your bone mass. Include a sport in your day. Also, involve your kids and teach them the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Give your body the required nutrients.

Do not compromise on your dietary intake of calcium.

Some foods that you can target are dairy, greens, broccoli, dried fruits, nuts especially almonds, and fish like salmon and sardines. Also, keep track on your vitamin D intake as well. Your body needs vitamin D to absorb the calcium that you intake. Hence do not hesitate to go in the sun and load yourself with the sunshine vitamin.

Schedule a diagnosis plan after your 40's.

As prevention is better than cure, you can schedule a bone density scan if you have a family history of osteoporosis or even otherwise. It measures the calcium and other minerals in your bones. By this small diagnostic tool, you are helping your body tremendously as the saying goes ‘the earlier, the better.

Our bodies absorb calcium better from dairy when compared to any other source. It can be milk, curd, yogurt, or any form of dairy you love. Milky Mist provides you hundreds of options to choose from. So, let’s gift the women in our lives good health and celebrate everyday!
To all the real superheroes -
Happy women’s day!

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