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Do you feel you are floating towards a healthier lifestyle? If you are not satisfied with where you stand in the race, here are a few tips that can help you to achieve it. They might seem simple, but if followed religiously, they can work wonders.

Start your day with high-quality protein

This can be a great way to kick-start your day. Consuming high-quality proteins can make you feel full for the rest of the day, especially when it comes to eggs. Eggs can be a great option to begin your day with as compared to cereals which can leave you hungry in a couple of hours. They can make up for those so-called fancy “diet breakfasts.”

Make water your best friend

We can’t stress enough about the importance of water to your mind and body. It can help you with your weight management. Replace your beverages with water and see your sugar intake go down automatically. It is also essential to detoxify your body and keep your skin fresh and youthful.

Avoid impulsive buying

Whenever you visit the grocery, make sure to have a list of the things that you need, so that you don’t end up emptying the shelves. Plan and list out the healthier options you prefer to buy, and then head to the store. In this way, you would exactly know what you are looking for and don’t end up with fancy things that you don’t need.

Include nutrient supplements (if needed)

Intake of a Calcium/ Vitamin D/ Iron supplement is good for your system. Consider including the nutrients that your body seems deficient in, as directed by your physician. Another nutrient that most people lack is Omega 3 fatty acids which can also be included.

Go green

Just like the earth, we need greens for effective body functioning as well. Never forget your greens. Try to include them in your diet in the form of juices, or smoothies, or salads. They can help you with your blood sugar levels.

Munch on fruits 

Always include fresh fruits and veggies in your diet rather than their juice forms. Also, avoiding any sort of market-sold fruit juices need to be given a second thought.

Bring out the ‘active’ you

Being active is highly important for your physical and emotional well-being. Pair up your diet with good physical activity. It can be yoga, aerobics, or any sort of activity. You can start with

something as simple as taking the stairs or a short stroll in between work.   

Get quality sleep

Sleep is a vital component to maintain your overall health. A night of good sleep can boost your immune system, prevent weight gain and give you productive days. It also improves memory. Hence, you need to have a check on your sleep routine.

Say yes to dairy

Dairy products, in general, are a reservoir of nutrients. Including some form of dairy in your day helps you combat several health conditions. It can be a glass of milk, a scoop of yogurt, curd, or simply some buttermilk. Dairy is always something you can unapologetically lean towards.


With the Milky Mist range of dairy, you can be assured about your daily dose of nutrition. Let’s together step into a healthier lifestyle.

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